Welcome to the space where you cam openly explore your non-normative fetishes and desires through Domination or facilitation.


In this place you can find how and with whom to bring your erotic and non-erotic objects of desire to reality, as long as they are non-normative preferences. In other words, here we work with desires/fetishes/fantasies that are not commonly accepted, but which we would like to enjoy physically and personally; with which to play and have fun.

Before you continue exploring one thing must be clear: we are talking about eroticism and not about sex because here there are no practices that include conventional sex (masturbation, oral sex, penetration, etc.). Because yes, there are fetishes, desires or fantasies that are related to sex (understood as conventional sex), but there are also many others that can be explored from eroticism or sensuality and those that do not have any of these components. These last two are the ones that have a place here.



Here you can find how and with whom to explore and live your fetishes or non-normative desires in a process of accompaniment through facilitation or Dominance.


Therefore, this is a safe space where we can have fun with this preferences that gives us pleasure and do not fit to regulatory standards, doing so based on mutual trust, consensus, play, respect and communication.


It is important to understand that the sessions have immovable ethical limits, so not all the proposals can be carried out (for example, other sentient beings can not be involved, there are restrictions regarding pain, etc.). And although you will see that there are some "specialties", feel free to make proposals. All of them are welcome and the best way to live them will be sought through accompaniment.


From here you can take two paths: facilitation or Dominance.


If you have entered here because you are a submissive who is looking for a demanding and creative Dominatrix, then click on «Dominance». If you are a person looking to explore their erotic and non-erotic fetishes, desires and fantasies, then click on "Facilitation".





Do you have any fetish? Something that activates your desire that goes beyond the normative and that you would like to experience?


Then, this is your place.

If you do not know if what you are looking for fits with everything that you have just read, you can write to the email that appears in the "Contact" section . It is also possible to make an in-person appointment just to have a chat so we can find out if it is possible to enjoy together (everything is specified in the "Sessions" section ).


See you soon.